Webinar - The importance of content modeling with headless commerce

Spencer Smitherman, VP of customer experience, Nacelle

Getting your content model right the first time is crucial when going headless.

Watch this webinar, in which Spencer Smitherman, Nacelle's VP of Customer Experience walks you through the importance of content modeling, the pitfalls, best practices and the four critical steps to developing your own content model

Watch this webinar now to learn about: 

  • The importance of content modeling and why it is vital to headless commerce
  • Scaling and streamlining the content model to ensure your content is published and optimized quickly and efficiently
  • The right sizing and flexibility for your business - the depth of your content model
  • Data separation - how to avoid duplication and manual error
  • Use cases - getting it right and how to avoid getting it wrong

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At Nacelle, we enable developers, marketers, merchandisers, designers, and executives to collaborate to make the appropriate decisions supporting your business goals. Content modeling provides the foundation for getting your shoppers the right message and content at the right time. It determines how easily your marketing teams can service your business objectives.

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