Success Story

FTD's pioneering journey from traditional floristry to tech-enabled gifting

FTD, the global floral delivery service, teamed up with Nacelle to transition into a top-tier tech company within the gifting sector. The goal was to arm small businesses with tech tools to excel locally via a flexible e-commerce model. 


Transforming tradition: a new era of gifting unleashed

Read how Nacelle:

Streamlined FTD's digital landscape by simplifying access to product, collection, and content data using Nacelle’s unified API.
Freed FTD to focus on crafting unique web experiences and superior customer service by leveraging Nacelle to orchestrate product data from Shopify, collections from Salsify, and content data from Contentful across its commerce stack.
Improved data flow across FTD's tech stack, offering real-time data for complex searches and ensuring updated offerings.

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