Nacelle vs. Shopify

28% conversion rate boost 

On average, Shopify merchants see a remarkable 28% surge in conversion rates after implementing Nacelle.

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There's a reason why the most innovative brands choose Nacelle. What's stopping you from choosing a modern platform?



Don't just keep pace, set the pace.

Nacelle stands out in the e-commerce landscape, purpose-built for the unique demands of mid-market and enterprise sectors. Unlike Shopify, which primarily caters to smaller merchants, Nacelle offers sophisticated, scalable solutions that evolve with the complex needs of larger businesses. This commitment to tailored innovation is complemented by our unparalleled customer support, where clients receive direct guidance from our top executives.

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Achieve peak conversion performance.

Shift from average growth to rapid expansion. Nacelle is hyper-focused on achieving a robust growth rate for your business. Merchants who used Shopify then implemented Nacelle's technology saw a 28% higher overall conversion rate. Gain an instant advantage with the fastest and most flexible checkout experience on the market, significant cost savings through direct negotiation with Stripe, and unmatched storefront performance that substantially boosts conversion rates.

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Shift from a phase of average growth to a trajectory of rapid expansion.


API response time

Highest, fastest performing headless technology


Superior conversion success

Higher overall conversion rate compared to Shopify 


Reliable performance

Uptime you can depend on - even during BFCM

Driving remarkable outcomes.

Nacelle customers consistently experience transformative growth and enhanced performance. Explore a range of inspiring case studies

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Frequently asked questions 


When was Nacelle built?

Nacelle was founded in 2019

Is Nacelle ideal for SMB merchants?

No. Nacelle is ideal for mid-market and enterprise merchants only.

Isn’t the workflow functionality in Nacelle difficult?

Not at all. In fact, many merchants find that pairing Nacelle with a CMS offers a far superior workflow compared to alternatives like Shopify. This combination enhances user experience significantly. Additionally, Genesis, our AI-powered personalization tool, further simplifies the management of the shopping experience for marketers. It's not just about ease of use; it's about smarter, more efficient workflows.

Can I go headless on Nacelle immediately?

Nacelle is built specifically for and only for headless shopping experiences. Unlike most commerce platforms designed nearly two decades ago, Nacelle only runs in a headless environment.

Does Nacelle have an app store?

Nacelle takes a different approach than the typical app store model, which is more suited for small-scale experimentation. Larger merchants, our primary clients, require stable, long-term solutions, not frequent vendor changes.

Is Nacelle compliant?

Yes, Nacelle is SOC 2 and GDPR compliant. Here you can access a full description of Nacelle’s platform security, GDPR data policy, privacy policy.

I thought Shopify was built for enterprise merchants?

Shopify's core revenue stems from small-scale merchants. Nacelle is explicitly designed for the mid-market and enterprise sector. With Nacelle, enterprises gain a partner focused on their growth and success, not just a one-size-fits-all solution.

How configurable is Nacelle’s checkout?
At Nacelle, we empower merchants to fully command their customers' purchase journey, from the initial engagement on the landing page right through to the order confirmation. Our approach transcends basic layout adjustments or simple component integrations.
With Nacelle's Checkout solution, merchants can dismantle the constraints of typical monolithic e-commerce platforms, segmenting them into more agile, specialized services. Each service in our ecosystem not only handles a specific business function but also seamlessly integrates through the Nacelle Orchestration Layer. This approach enables merchants to not just keep pace, but to lead and shape new trends in the digital commerce space.


What kind of conversion rate can I expect with Nacelle?

Merchants on Nacelle can expect an estimated 28% increase in conversion rates when moving from Shopify.


Is Nacelle financially stable?

Yes, Nacelle is a venture-backed company with over $70 million raised from prominent institutional investors including Tiger Global, Index Ventures and iNovia.

What is Nacelle’s uptime?

Nacelle has an uptime of 99.99%

Does Nacelle offer SLA’s?

Yes, Nacelle offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs) tailored to meet various business needs, including a premium tier that guarantees 99.99% uptime. Our SLAs are designed to provide assurance and reliability, ensuring that your e-commerce operations run smoothly and efficiently with minimal downtime.

Is Nacelle as reliable as other platforms?

Absolutely. Nacelle not only matches but often exceeds the reliability of other platforms, including Shopify. Our superior uptime record is a testament to this. We are so confident in our platform's reliability that we offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as a commitment to our performance standards.


Aren’t integrations with Nacelle difficult?

Not at all. Nacelle offers powerful GraphQL and REST APIs that support all modern commerce applications, making integrations straightforward. Our merchants enjoy dependable connections with a wide range of vendors, including ESPs, OMS, CMS, PIMs, and more, covering everything from search and personalization to customer support, reviews, subscriptions, POS, and social media integrations.

Do I need multiple vendor contracts to make Nacelle work?

Not at all. Opting for Nacelle doesn't mean you'll need more vendor contracts than you would with Shopify. In fact, Nacelle is designed to integrate efficiently with existing systems like your ERP, thereby streamlining your backend services. Our aim is to work effectively with your current systems, reducing the necessity for extra vendors and simplifying the overall management of your e-commerce operations.

Does Nacelle integrate with Shopify?

Yes, Nacelle integrates with Shopify and all of Nacelle’s customers saw a substantial conversion rate improvement by an estimated 28%.

Does Nacelle integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Yes, Nacelle integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Do I need a partner to implement Nacelle?

While we are always happy to work with the SI partner of your choice, we also provide a full implementation and launch team.

Isn’t everything custom in Nacelle?

Nacelle blends managed services with customization. We handle complex backend tasks, freeing you to customize where it benefits your brand most. This approach ensures efficient operation without imposing unnecessary custom work, allowing you to focus on what sets your brand apart.

Do I have to do a full migration?

No. Nacelle's ingestion engine is technology-agnostic, capable of extracting data from any system, including popular legacy solutions such as Magento, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and others. Nacelle integrates with your existing technology, keeping business operations stable and avoiding the need for data migration to a new platform.

Does Nacelle include hosting?

Yes, Nacelle includes hosting from Cloudflare.

How long does it take a merchant to get up and running with Nacelle?

Typical implementation time for a merchant is 3-4 months. 


Isn’t Nacelle really expensive?

Unlike Shopify where high hidden transaction fees can significantly add to the total cost of ownership, Nacelle offers a transparent pricing structure and gives you the ability to negotiate directly with Stripe. This means that, while our upfront costs are comparable, our total cost of ownership is typically lower. With Nacelle, you get higher conversion rates while saving on long-term costs.


How does Nacelle innovate?

Nacelle's innovation is driven by a combination of factors. Our focus on larger merchants allows us to move swiftly and adaptively, tailoring our technology to sophisticated, evolving business needs. Being built in 2019 gives us a substantial technological advantage over platforms like Shopify, which originated in 2006. 
Moreover, our CEO's technical background as an engineer ensures that innovation is at the forefront of our strategy. A significant portion of our capital is invested in R&D and Customer Success, ensuring that we not only innovate but also effectively implement and support these advancements.

What other offering does Nacelle have to help me expand my business?

One of Nacelle's key offerings for business expansion is Genesis, our AI-powered personalization tool. Genesis enables marketing teams to build tailored content and shopping flows efficiently and quickly. It's designed to help you deeply engage customers and shoppers without hiring an enormous team.

Headless & Composable

Aren’t all headless commerce solutions the same? What’s the difference between Nacelle and Shopify?

Headless commerce solutions vary significantly, and Nacelle stands out from Shopify's Hydrogen. While Hydrogen is a front-end React framework, Nacelle is a robust data orchestration platform optimized for headless commerce. Many Nacelle users prefer pairing it with extensive open-source front-ends like React Next or Vue Next, as opposed to Shopify's smaller, proprietary Hydrogen system. 
Moreover, Nacelle offers a powerful GraphQL API that enables fetching both product and content data in a single query – a feature not as robust in Shopify. This makes Nacelle more flexible and efficient, particularly for businesses seeking a comprehensive, adaptable headless commerce solution.

Why is a composable solution better than an all-in-one solution?

A composable solution, like Nacelle, offers flexibility and scalability that all-in-one solutions often lack. It provides the option to integrate best-of-breed services that specifically address your business's unique needs. This means you're not limited to the capabilities of a single provider. 
Instead, you can select the most effective tools for each function, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability. Composable solutions also facilitate easier updates and adaptations to emerging technologies, keeping your business agile and ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

I heard headless commerce was just a buzzword, why is headless important to my business?

Headless commerce is a strategic game-changer, not just a buzzword. It separates front-end and back-end operations, offering unparalleled flexibility. This leads to much faster page load speeds and significantly reduced bounce rates, enhancing user experience. 

The result? Substantially higher conversion rates. By adopting headless commerce, businesses can rapidly adapt to market trends and offer personalized, responsive shopping experiences, critical for driving growth in a competitive digital marketplace.